Introducing the famous vrchat world in Japan!

Introducing the famous vrchat world in Japan!のアイキャッチ画像



I am having a great time with VRchat. My name is Hiro. Today, I would like to introduce a world and its creator that I recommend to you all!

Yayoi Nekoyashiki san

Yayoi rainy season

It is a wonderful world. In this fantastic landscape inspired by a Japanese-style room, the hydrangea is not so much the star of the show as it is the temple, which is not assertive enough to say that hydrangeas are the main attraction, but rather cozy and quietly decorated. より引用




Yayoi sakura Incline より引用

Kyoto, which suffered from a shortage of electric power following the Meiji Restoration, took on the challenge of generating electric power and developing waterways using the estuary water of Lake Biwa, and succeeded. The man behind the project was 21-year-old Sakuro Tanabe. After his death, in Keage, Kyoto, the cherry blossoms that still surround people in full bloom and the railroad tracks that were once used still impress many tourists, just like this scenery.

sizimityper san

雨見神社 ~Sunny Rain Falling On The Shrine~


雨見会館 Amemikaikan