Who is Hiro?

「Who is Hiro?」のアイキャッチ画像


Who is Hiro?

Hello again, my name is Hiro.
I enjoy FBT on VRchat.
I am always on the move and FBT except when I go in while sleeping.

I originally did a full trawler with a camera called #MocapForAll and am now playing with a Vive tracker. Trying to push the camera to its limits of possibilities and spent over $200,000. For those interested in #PostureInference

Then one day, the Omega Sisters video, “Looking for Avatar Abolitionists.” I’m in the video “Looking for Avatar Cripple” by Omega Sisters. The tetra girl in the thumbnail is me.



Hiro’s background


November 2021: Tired of living in Corona, he starts to learn programming. Learned about full body tracking from a book called Karage-kun’s Homebrew Classroom, where he learned about a person (Mr. Aoyagi of #TDPT) who is building an AI for posture estimation.

In January 2022, I learned about VRchat from Omesis videos and other sources and started VRchat.
Initially, he started full tiger with MocapForAll. I started with Quest2 because of the delay in getting my grabber.

February – March 2022 – First time starting a full tiger with Inorin’s avatar “Tetra”.
*The photos below were taken much later. They are not from those days.


Purchased Mito Arisaka’s avatar “Maple” and Komado’s avatar “Rusk” and began serious research on MocapForAll’s full tiger. Initially, he started Fultra in MocapForAll. Initially started with Quest2 because of the delay in getting a grabber.



FBT devices


FBT devices used in the past: MocapForAll, TDPT, WebcamMotionCapture, VseeFace, etc.
FBT devices owned: Haritora Wireless, Uni-motion

Currently: Vive Tracker 3.0 x 8
Base Station 2.0 x 4
Valve Index(HMD)
Facial tracker (basically removed due to lack of compatible avatars)
Valve Index Controller





[VRchat] How do you do facial tracking/face tracking/eye tracking? I can only dress up in Unity, but here’s a simple way I did it with Facial Tracker or QuestPro [as of December 31, 2023].

Tracker wearing time; about 1 to 3 minutes (I’m told it’s quite fast, but there’s a reason for that)
Tracker fixation method; it is quite ingenious and super-special to enhance immersion and hard movement. See the following article.



Originally performed with Quest2 + MocapForAll
Vive’s odd history: first VIVE, BS1 x 2, bought Index controller at about the same time -> Valve Index BS2 x 2 set purchased (during December 2022 sale) -> bought more BS2 x 2 (at HTC official around September)
Floor: floor with air suspension, improved soundproofing in the room







Likes: FBT in general, finding things to express in FBT.
Dislikes: being interrupted in my research related to FBT

Example: the fact that all the research I had been doing on Fultra search results throughout the year was wasted because Sifter was calling on other companies and did not receive the proper information for those who searched for FBT (I’m just researching on my own. Also, it has not led to the description of an article on the device; the IMU method Fultra has not been able to write an article at all because the device has not been able to keep up with its own movements, due to the characteristics of its own movements. (As a matter of fact, I have not been able to write articles on other devices.)



How is FBT funded?
How FBT is funded: We are funded by dividends from U.S. and emerging market stocks.
Furtra costs about 200,000 per year if you consider that we have to procure new equipment every year, etc.
Some asset management is required. FBT devices are basically made overseas (Haritra and Unimo also have many components overseas), so you will need to respond to the dollar-yen rate.
Information is publicly available here. If you want to ask me for details, please ask me directly on VRC, or ask me via the link or discord mentioned above.




About Friend Requests
Hiro is always Friend request & JoinOK (send to hiro124).
Approval will go faster if you give us a shout on Twitter.
If you are from overseas, it would be helpful if you could simply tell us in English that you saw our homepage, as we cannot read Chinese/Korean, etc.







C102「女装と思想 Vol.11」











What is the HIROSAN Move Department?

Hiro-san’s Move Club” is a circle or fan club where you can play Fultra’s moves and find out where Hiro-san is now.
to find out where Hiro-san usually plays FBT’s moves and where he is at the moment.

It is on Group. Click here and click “Join” in the upper right corner to join.
There are no restrictions on joining, and you are free to leave. You have to join here to find out.
Exclusive information and event information are also introduced here.


We are glad if you join us. It’s free and you are free to cancel anytime.
There are no rules or compulsion.

There are many advantages, but basically you can meet Hiro.
Or rather, Hiro-san is always open to Frelik & Join, so please feel free to send us a message.


What is the HIROSAN Move?

What is the HIROSAN Move? If you are wondering, please refer to the following tweets.
Please refer to this tweet. I am the one moving behind Kuma-chan on the left.


This special kind of movement that normal buicha users do not do is called the hiro-san move.
It is a reproduction of a move that cannot be done with camera full-traffic, etc., and is called the “Hiro-san move.
This move alone will give you an approximate idea of the tracking score.
I will introduce more.



This is how he makes all kinds of people laugh with his strange movements.






ひろさんムーブ Hiro move