[VRchat Review] How do you do facial tracking/face tracking/eye tracking? I can only dress up in Unity, but here’s a simple way I did it with Facial Tracker or QuestPro [as of December 31, 2023].

「[VRchat Review] How do you do facial tracking/face tracking/eye tracking? I can only dress up in Unity, but here’s a simple way I did it with Facial Tracker or QuestPro [as of December 31, 2023].」のアイキャッチ画像


What is facial tracking and eye tracking anyway?

Full-tracking is an abbreviation for full-body tracking, and its common use is for tracking of the entire body; in VRchat, body tracking is generally referred to as full-tracking. Eye and facial expressions are generally controlled by controllers. Commercial avatars also support full body tracking, but few support eye tracking and facial tracking.

What we mean by “eye tracking and facial tracking support” this time is that we will add “facial tracking” (facial tracking) and “eye tracking” (eye tracking) to avatars, creating avatars that support facial tracking and eye tracking, but

Instead of the traditional full body tracking only
→Full body tracking + eye tracking + facial tracking

We are talking about adding the following to the system The idea is to track facial movements and eye movements as well.


VIVE Facial Tracker Edition (Facial Tracking only)

What is the VIVE Facial Tracker?

I will show you how to deal with facial tracking and face tracking (face tracker), but since those who came before me have already practiced it, including how to deal with and set up face trackers, this article will only explain the sequence of steps I have tried.
A facial tracker is a type of tracking device that recognizes with a camera.

I recently found out that the Facial Tracker is no longer available. What a pity. Dismissed.
We have been using it for a long time, but it looks like we will have to use QuestPro for a while.
Also, I recommend following Tona. He always gives us useful information.

This site will also feature QuestPro’s Facial Tracking and Eye Tracking at the end of the sale.

What do I need to prepare? (Hardware & Driver Installation)

What do I need to prepare? (Hardware & Driver Installation) As for what to purchase in hardware, VIVE Facial Tracker and in my case, it was Valve Index. Prepare for the fixation. I referred to Nemu’s article.


VIVE Facial Tracker

If you follow the instructions in this article, you will have no problems around the hardware.

[Hardware] ①Facial tracker, connection attachments to match the HMD

【Hardware】 Simply put, you will need a facial tracker, a doujinshi holder, and a USB converter (USB C to A for Index). USB conversion is not necessary if your HMD is equipped with USBC.However, this article is mainly for Neos, so you need to make it for VRchat.


There are some notes from the officials.



【Drivers] (2) Drivers for which the Facial Tracker works

[Drivers] (2) Drivers for which the Facial Tracker works.Please install from the official one.

What do I need to prepare? (Software)


What do I need to prepare? (Software)
Next, though, you will need to set up your avatar and install the software. If you know how to make avatars in Blender, please refer to this video. If you are familiar with Blender and Unity, you can do it by watching the first and second parts of this video.


Avatar: Need to make avatar compatible with PerfectSync.

However, the first part is for people who can handle Blender normally, so I introduced an avatar that supports Perfect Sync.
I bought it from this store. https://endof.booth.pm/items/4276261 
I bought it and installed it after watching the video in the next part. However, it was quite troublesome to make it from scratch, so I installed the following software to handle it.

[Software ed.]VRCFacialOSCAvatarTool、AkaneFacialOSC



So, we learned how to respond to facial tracking by watching YutanyCH.’s video!

How can I do this in Unity?

Place VRCFacialOSCAvatarTool and Shiro-chan (avatar) in Unity.

Then, I use VRCFacialOSCAvatarTool to add facial expressions.
After that, as Yutani CH. says in her video, the important thing is to match the names around “animation” and “animator”.
If you use VRCFacialOSCAvatarTool to convert, the names are not aligned, so we will align them here. (This is around the 10:20-12 minute mark). The rest is about the settings on the VRchat side, but if you look at 10:20~, you can see the whole process from uploading to the mouth moving. You can see the whole process from uploading to mouth movement. Then, in a nutshell, the mouth will move.
This is how to handle facial tracking. I have created this for the sake of memorizing it, and will add to it and modify it as I go along.

QuestPro version (Facial + Eye Tracking version)

How to introduce to VRchat’s famous avatar RearAlice

Not yet implemented & notes for future practice tries. What do I need to get together, and how to introduce it to Avatar Rear Alice, a famous VRchat Avator (QuestPro version)? Everyone’s Rear Alice idol, Rii Nishii, has purchased QuestPro and practiced facial tracking.

I knew that QuestPro could do it, but in the case of Rear Alice, they also sell a tool related to moving faces. That’s great.
I heard that the facial expressions, etc. were introduced with reference to this site. That’s impressive.
It seems that you can easily introduce the avatars that are famous in VRchat by doing the following

An easy way to introduce the RearAlice other

[Not yet implemented & notes for future practice tries] What do I need to get together? How to install in RearAlice (QuestPro version)
(1) Buy QuestPro (hard)
(2) Buy Rear Alice (avatar for this time)
(3) Buy tools for adjusting the face

Rea Alice and Mafuyu’s are available for sale on this site.


After we have a set of equipment, we will set it up. First of all, here is how to deal with QuestPro -> VRchat.
(4) We will do it while looking at the following settings.

I installed it myself and it took about 2 hours with VirtualDesktop.
If it doesn’t work, reboot, etc., it works.

Facial tracking support for QuestPro is now complete. Here is the video I tried with the supported avatar.
I tried closing one eye, opening the mouth, and not talking. The only thing left to do now is to adjust the avatar side.

How to install in Avatar (QuestPro Preparation)

Avatars can be created by uploading a pre-purchased rear Alice and then
After uploading the previously purchased Rear Alice, simply follow the steps in the Adjustment Tool for the face area. This also took about an hour.

Since the rear Alice is uploaded on VRchat, please turn on the Facial Tracker and Eye Tracking in the Expression menu.
Turn on the facial tracker and eye tracking.
Then you can.



There are a few different avatars that sell tools for face tracking, like the store below.
There are several places that sell tools for face tracking, such as the following shops. Several avatars that are quite recently famous, such as Maya and Celestia, are sold.


This time, we tested QuestPro’s Facial Tracking + Eye Tracker at Rear Alice and found out the following
VIVE facial tracker is sold out & drinks etc. are very hard to get a hold of, so I recommend it because it’s light and very easy to use.

Mafuyu also worked properly.



Vroid and other users should refer here.


What do I need to get together? How to install (QuestPro version)

Here is the video.


How does facial tracking and eye tracking differ between QuestPro and Vive Pro eye?

There are a few things QuestPro cannot do.
Tongue tracking does not work well.

For example, the tongue tracking does not work well. For tracking performance alone, the VIVE Pro eye + facial tracker would be a good choice.



I bought QuestPro and have summarized the process of switching over.