Notes on doing VRchat with Radeon (for our users when using Flutra, HMDs, tracking software, Unity assets, using CUDA and other devices).

Notes on doing VRchat with Radeon (for our users when using Flutra, HMDs, tracking software, Unity assets, using CUDA and other devices).のアイキャッチ画像


We do not even recommend playing VRchat on Radeon on this website, which deals with fulltraffic, upper body tracking, etc. in general. This is because there are quite a few cases where developers do not guarantee the operation of some modes in camera fulltras (e.g. MocapforAll). Also, if you look at camera fulltrax-related websites, you will often find that Nvidia is the only company that has written standards for operating specs. Below are some details that apply to people who also apply for reasons other than Camera Fultra, such as not being able to use Unity assets, etc.

Four reasons not even recommended.

Reason 1: Some FBTs are not available.

  For example, when using TensorRT mode, it clearly states that CUDA is required and that an Nvidia GPU that supports CUDA, cuDNN and TensorRT is required.

Due to the above, we do not recommend it if you want to enjoy fulltra on camera, or because there are a small number of fulltras that require CUDA. It may be quite a rare case, but there are people who want to enjoy all the fulltras, and there are people who use MocapForAll on our website, so we put it in the article as a precaution, because if you don’t want to use CUDA fulltras, there is no problem, Please do not worry about the fulltrailer and use your own judgement. This article is more for the rare case of using CUDA. However, since you will probably buy the grabber first, please assume that your options for Fultra are a little more limited.

Reason 2) Some assets may not be available in Unity.

There is also the problem of not being able to use the Bakery and other Unity assets. This is to lighten the processing of heavy lights in world creation, etc.
This is something that reduces processing. We have heard that many people use Bakery, especially when creating worlds. I don’t create many games, but I have a hard time with the light baking process. I found out that Bakery is only compatible with Nvidia when I bought it during an asset sale around May. (More links and videos on what it is, how it is used, etc. will follow.)


Reason 3: Some head-mounted displays cannot be used.

Also, and this is another rare head-mounted display, the MeganeX and MeganeX Business Edition are not supported.

GPU:GeForce® RTX 20 Series / RTX 30 Series / RTX 40 series 以降
※AMD Radeonシリーズ等、上記以外のグラフィックボードを搭載したPCでは動作いたしませんとより引用

Please note that it is officially stated that this is the case, so please be careful if you plan to use it. We sometimes introduce Shifturman on this website, but Shifturman uses MeganeX + HaritoraX wireless (HaritoraX wireless), so if MeganeX is not supported, then I think it can’t be Shifturman. I’m very sad that I can’t do this. (Not sure if any of you are here on this site…)


MeganeX Business Edition

Reason 4: Recommended functions may not be available on devices used for soundproofing.

Soundproofing is quite important in VRchat. Some people communicate by text, gestures, etc. because they cannot speak at home because it might disturb the neighbours. To solve such problems, devices such as mutalk, which are often used for soundproofing, require an RTX grabbing system to use the removal function in the Nvidia Broadcast app. This is said to significantly reduce the phenomenon of breathing sounds being on the microphone. It is quite common for some useful functions to be disabled in this way. The details are described in the following asides.
Note that mutalk is the soundproofing device that the shifter man wears in his mouth for reason (3) above. It is deprecated in the case of strenuous exercise, etc.


Nvidia is too expensive, I want to go with Radeon, what should I do? I am often asked by beginners.

When I was playing VRchat, someone in the know recommended that I should buy a grabber. But the Radeon is cheaper, but everyone says Nvidia is better, so what should I get in the end?
Indeed, graphics boards are expensive. You want to choose carefully when buying one. On our website, we have a lot of beginners who don’t know what kind of VR device or full-tilt equipment (which is by far the most common) to choose. This is because, after actually using VRchat and talking to various people, they were advised to buy a PC with a graphics board, but it’s ridiculously expensive and they might not be able to afford it. We have a lot of people who are not sure if they can afford to buy a PC with a graphics board.

It takes a lot of courage to suddenly get your hands on an expensive graphics board. So I’d like to briefly introduce how I bought an expensive graphics board for VRchat and explain the importance of identifying your playing style and what you can’t do before you buy.


If you’re about to buy something expensive like a graphics board and can’t decide, ask ‘What can it do?’ instead of researching on ‘What can it do?’ we recommend that you clarify what you are looking for and then buy it. This way you can be clear about your minimum requirements. Also, as the game itself has an infinite number of play styles, we recommend that you purchase the game after ‘knowing that you can’t do certain things’.

If you are not sure how many years you will be in VRchat, you should buy Nvidia for now. If not, I’ll buy a new Radeon.’
I’ll make it clear that Nvidia can’t do some things, and Radeon can’t do this, but if I want to do something I can’t do, then I’ll buy a new one.’
This is the way of thinking. I started out with a 3060, but in the process of playing with it, I decided to go for a 3080ti or better.

私How I came to buy a PC with a graphics board

I started VRchat around February 2022. At that time, graphics boards were extremely expensive and not easily affordable – even an RTX3060 series PC cost 150,000 yen
Here’s the email from Mouse Computer when I bought it at that time

■商品型名:G-Tune PM-B-KK #2111PM-B560-KK
■使用者  個人向け
■OS  Windows 10 Home 64ビット
■オフィスソフト  ・・・ オフィスソフト無し
■CPU  インテル(R) Core(TM) i5-11400F プロセッサー ( 6コア / 12スレッド / 2.60GHz / TB時最大4.40GHz / 12MB )
■CPUファン  標準CPUクーラー
■CPUグリス  標準CPUグリス
■メモリ  16GB メモリ [ 8GB×2 ( PC4-25600 / DDR4-3200 ) / デュアルチャネル ]
■SSD (M.2)  512GB NVM Express SSD ( M.2 PCI Express 接続 )
■HDD  ・・・ HDD無し ※OS用に別途 SSD / HDD を選択してください。
■外付けストレージ  ・・・ 外付けストレージなし
■光学ドライブ  ・・・ 光学ドライブ非搭載
■光学ドライブ(外付け)  ・・・ 外付け光学ドライブなし
■電源  700W 電源 ( 80PLUS(R) BRONZE )
■UPS  ・・・ UPSなし
■グラフィックス  NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 / 12GB ( DisplayPort×3 / HDMI×1 )
■LAN   [ オンボード ] 10/100/1000BASE-T GigaBit-Ethernet LAN
■無線LAN 2,860(税込)  インテル(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX200 ( IEEE 802.11ax/ac/a/b/g/n 最大2.4Gbps対応 ※連続160MHz帯域 Wi-Fi 6対応機器が必要 ) + Bluetooth 5 内蔵
■外付け拡張デバイス  ・・・ 外付け拡張デバイスなし
■拡張カード  ・・・ 拡張カードなし
■マザーボード  インテル(R) B560 チップセット ( Micro ATX / SATA 6Gbps 対応ポート×4 / M.2スロット×2 )
■ケース  【G-Tune】ミニタワーケース ( ケースファン 背面×1 搭載 )
■サウンド  ハイデフィニション・オーディオ
■キーボード  ・・・ キーボードなし
■マウス  ・・・ マウスなし
■マウスパッド  ・・・ マウスパッドなし
■ペンタブレット  ・・・ 選択なし
■スピーカー  ・・・ スピーカーなし ( 音声出力にはスピーカーが別途必要です )
■ヘッドフォン  ・・・ ヘッドフォンなし
■ゲームコントローラ  ・・・ ゲームコントローラなし
■WEBカメラ(オプション)  ・・・ 外付けWebカメラなし
■Windows Hello デバイス  ・・・ Windows Hello デバイスなし
■ウイルス対策・セキュリティソフト  マカフィー リブセーフ 15ヶ月版 + 60日間体験版 ( 実質17ヶ月使用可能 )
■ソフトウェア1(プリインストール)  Steamクライアントソフト
■ソフトウェア2(バンドル)  ・・・ ソフトなし
■パソコン引越しソフト  ・・・ パソコン引越しソフトなし
■パソコン下取りサービス  ・・・ パソコン下取りサービスなし
■データ復旧サービス  ・・・ データ復旧サービスなし
■ゲーミングチェア  ・・・ ゲーミングチェアなし
■J-Moss  J-Mossマーク

■モニタ  ・・・ モニタなし ■プリンタ  ・・・ プリンタなし ■ブロードバンドルーター  ・・・ ブロードバンドルーターなし
■HUB  ・・・ HUBなし ■LANケーブル  ・・・ LANケーブルなし
■各種出張サービス  ・・・ 出張セットアップサービスなし ■サポート  [1年間 標準保証] 初期不良対応1ヵ月+センドバック修理保証 ■電話サポート  [ 24時間365日電話サポート ] 困った時はいつでもお電話いただけます ■破損盗難保証サービス  ・・・ 破損盗難保証サービスなし

However, I started with a single Quest machine. This is because Quest2 arrived before PC. At first I played other VR games, but then I thought it was VRSNS, so I played cluster and moved on to VRchat!
What? Why?
At that time, I was often in during the daytime, and there were very few Japanese people, mostly foreigners. So I was wandering around the Quest-only world, teaching Japanese to foreigners. To be honest, it was boring. Eventually, I started to fit in with the Japanese, and I decided immediately that I would buy a PC there. However, the PC itself was delayed in delivery and I think I was a Visitor for about three weeks.
So there are worlds that you can’t get into if you only have Quest?
Not only that, but it was painful because I didn’t have the opportunity to go to events, meetings, etc., which was quite boring. And most of all, I was in agony because I couldn’t be a full tiger, so I bought it.
Huh? You chose Nvidia because of the limitations of the full tiger?
Not only that, most of them were Nvidia, and when we talked about the grabbers, Nvidia was the only one that came up. I wanted to do full camera and programming such as CUDA, python, etc., so I almost had to choose one!

In other words, in my case, I had a clear idea of what I was going to do, so I chose Nvidia. If you are going to use AI in the future, or use CUDA in school, etc., I recommend Nvidia, and even more so if you want to use CUDA as well as your PC is dedicated to gaming.

Key points.

If you are going to use AI in the future, or use CUDA in schools, etc., we recommend Nvidia.



There is no doubt that Nvidia is expensive.

I think it comes down to this. As I wrote earlier, if you plan to use a grabber to see if VRchat is [normally enjoyable] or not, please check other sites. The world of VRchat is too wide for me to define what is normal for users, and I can only pick up on the points where I can’t. But the grabbers are expensive, you know. That’s for sure.

Also, when you borrow money from someone to buy a PC, say ‘I want to use CUDA and enjoy it to the fullest! The era is Nvidia!’ They may lend you money. Talk to the person who will lend you the money. If you are a serious person, they might say, ‘Just use a Radeon’ and that would be the end of it.

It’s a deep world whether you want Nvidia or Radeon. I can’t recommend it uniformly, but for my playstyle, it’s tough if it’s not Nvidia, because of CUDA, so in general, I don’t know any more than I do. Also, I’ve never had a major problem with VRchat, basically because I’ve solved it by updating the drivers and rebooting, so I’ve never had to uninstall the drivers or VRchat!

The following is a list of functions that cannot be done without CUDA, not only with Fultra, and I sometimes use CUDA in machine learning software. I think it’s a good idea to use CUDA. If you’re interested in Furtura, you’re probably very interested in this field. Please consult your own wallet for the rest.


Please help the developer or producer to verify this.

Well, I think there is a lack of budget and the developers and producers of camera fulltraffic-related products can only provide Nvidia, because of the high cost of the graphics board. I think they are releasing the product on a budget and just in time, so I think the priority is much higher than verification with Radeon, such as whether they can release the product first and secure sales results and profits. If you can, help them with verification and stuff like that. It might be an afterthought, though, as you want to focus on release rather than time. By the way, please check if VRchat can be enjoyed normally on other sites. I don’t know because I’ve only used Nvidia, and I can’t answer properly if you ask me.