Which is the best full-body tracking device? I bought mocopi, haritraX wireless, uni-motion and vive tracker with my own money and tried them out 

「Which is the best full-body tracking device? I bought mocopi, haritraX wireless, uni-motion and vive tracker with my own money and tried them out 」のアイキャッチ画像


written by Hiro-san

Which FBT device is better for mocopi, HaritoraX wireless, Uni-Motion, VIVE tracker, Vive Ultimate tracker in VRchat? I tried them all myself and reviewed them in this issue.

In conclusion, the VIVE tracker is best for frequent users. If you can’t get a base station or don’t want to put one down, the Vive Ultimate tracker is for you, and if you want to move your feet a bit anyway, considering the price, I concluded that the mocopi, Haritra Wireless and Uni-motion are the best options.

The VIVE tracker has a very high installation cost, but the impression is that the price is too low for the accuracy of the movements. The movements of each IMU-based device in the same price range are totally different from each other, and the IMU system has its own unique advantages. Not only in this review, but also in my movements are quite moving, so please note that. I will write about the details below, including a comparison video.

■HaritoraX wireless and Uni-motion

When trying to become a FBT, HaritraX Wireless and Unimotion are the first candidates. The reason for this is the price, which starts at 30,000 yen for a new product to become a FBT.

However, is it really worth it to buy a purchase that costs tens of thousands of yen, not knowing what it is like and believing official announcements and press releases?

Prior to June 2023, FBT devices were quite hard to come by, and getting one was the first thing to do. However, with the advent of HaritraX Wireless, there is now an overwhelming supply of FBT devices, and the situation of not being able to get a Fultra seems to have been resolved.

In addition, the Institute conducted regular surveys of FBT titled the FBT Census and interviewed people who had quit FBT, and what emerged from these surveys was mainly that “even if you get FBT equipment, it’s a hassle to set up, calibrate, and stick it to your body…” The main reason that emerged from the survey was that a large number of people eventually stop using FBT due to problems such as

So this time, our institute has obtained both actual devices, and we would like to write about the results of our verification here.

*Note: This article will be additionally described in the order in which it was conducted, as there are multiple and many verification details, so please be patient for a while as it will take some time until the completed version. At this time, the dedicated tongle for HaritraX Wireless has not arrived, so there is some lag. It will be replaced upon arrival.

The following is the latest version of this article as of [December 11, 2023]. The reason for this is that Unimotion has announced that they will be doing a major update in the near future. As expected, we were not able to keep up with that.


■Basic Specifications Differences

First, we will briefly describe the specifications of Unimotion and HaritraX Wireless, which we will compare.

Uni-station × 1 pc.
Belt for chest and waist (95cm) x 2
Uni-motion (currently Uni-motion Full) ¥39,800
Uni-sensor x 6
Thigh belt (60cm) x 2
Belt for shin (39 cm) × 2 pcs
Tracking points: chest, waist, both thighs, both shins




In contrast, HaritraX Wireless is as follows.

HaritoraX Wireless 39,999 yen (tax included)
6 sensors
Body attachment band (1 set)
CHEST (chest): 150 cm max.
HIP (waist) Approx. 150 cm max.
KNEE (above the knee) Approx. 100 cm max.
ANKLE (ankle) Approx. 50 cm max.

USB cable for charging

Connection to PC: Bluetooth or dedicated communication dongle (sold separately)
Operating time: Approx. 20 hours
Charging method: USB Type-C terminal
Tracking points: 6 points (chest / waist / both knees / both ankles)
Maximum tracking points: 8 or more

Sensor: Acceleration, angular velocity, geomagnetic sensor (9-axis IMU) Ankle part: Above sensor + ToF sensor
Bluetooth device required, e.g. TP-LINK UB500, etc. Required if you buy the elbow extension kit with the 11-point FBT… Windows 10/11 PCs can only connect up to 7 Bluetooth devices; the HaritoraX wireless already consumes 6, If you buy a Bluetooth child device in advance, or if you have more than 8 points, a dedicated communication dongle solves the whole problem.

The main differences are listed in red above.
(1) Connection method: HaritraX Wireless is connected via Bluetooth, while Unimotion is connected via Wifi.
2) Power: HaritraX Wireless is rechargeable. Unimotion is battery powered.
(3) Tracking location: HaritraX Wireless is ankle-based, whereas Unimotion is wrist-based. Unimotion is on the shin.
(4) Sensors: HaritraX Wireless has a TOF sensor on the ankle.
(5) Pre-purchase; The Blueto0th that comes with a normal PC may only be able to connect 5 devices, so HaritraX Wireless requires the preparation of a Bluetooth child device that can connect 6 devices in advance.
(6) Initial cost; Unimotion has the advantage. If you choose to buy only Fultra, you can get Unimotion core for ¥33,900, which is even better.
(7) Ongoing cost: HaritraX Wireless is more advantageous because it does not require battery operation.

With the above differences understood, we proceed


■Environment Precautions when using geomagnetic sensors

Basically, we conducted this in an environment without a geomagnetic sensor, as we know that full-travel equipment with a geomagnetic sensor is weak with respect to the following. It is mentioned on the official website, but I think most people read it only after purchase. I think you all are doing this under pretty bad conditions.


Appliances with magnets and motors

Large speakers contain magnets and should be used at least 1 meter apart. Also, if the foot sensor shifts well, please check if there is a power strip with a magnet. Household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, fans, and refrigerators also emit magnetism.



Do you have a smartphone in your pocket? The smartphone itself or its case may contain a magnet.


VR Controller

Some VR controllers have magnets in the triggers and other parts. Drift can be prevented by keeping the controller as close to the sensor as possible. (This usually does not occur unless the controller is very close to the sensor.)


Steel furniture

If chairs, beds, or desks are made of steel, they may be magnetically affected when approached.


Reinforced concrete structures such as buildings

If your location is directly above or below a steel frame, or if there is a steel frame in the wall, you may not be able to obtain correct motion (especially for the foot sensor). In such cases, please consider moving the use location or using the system with magnetic correction off.

https://help.uni-motion.com/ja/faq#q19より引用 (for those who have not seen the official version)

You can also estimate the geomagnetic field at the GSI. I don’t think you need to go that far. If something doesn’t work, please make it a priority to organize the room first!

Obtain from calculation sites (declination, declination angle, total magnetic force, horizontal and vertical component forces) *Japan Only


The most important thing is to organize the room as it enhances the immersion in the FBT. I sometimes do a mysterious move called the “hiro-san move,” and sometimes there are people who imitate the hiro-san move and come into contact with real colliders. For those who do this, I recommend that you first organize your room and open up the space.

The official site of Mr. Shiftor is doing it properly. I don’t know if this is the best way, but it is a good guide. I personally think that Shiftall is very open to the public, as they are very careful in publishing their videos. The reason why they are disclosing the operating scenes all the time is to verify if there are any discrepancies. There are not many companies that disclose that much information. I think that’s great.

There are quite a few people who choose IMU-based full-tracking devices because they have a small room & bunk beds. Although there is a limit to the amount of physical space that can be opened, it is recommended that, at a minimum, there should be no thick, reflective shielding such as wood or metal boards between the receiver and the tracker.

Where to Find Official Manuals
Rather than having an instruction manual published, the most common form of full-tracking equipment is to publish it on the website, discord, or update the Google Drive documentation as needed.

HaritraX Wireless Official: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uj3ydCCG9JVegIM3kPz5uxI3jpTaXZm_eU-WFuwD2mw/edit#heading=h.haapch

Unimotion official setup: https://help.uni-motion.com/ja/setup


■Until before purchase

Both are official purchases. By the way, there is an image that Mr. Shiftor = slow delivery, but I personally have the impression that he tends to set the delivery date very last minute & sticks to it until the very last minute, and finally contacts the customer to postpone the delivery. People tend to leave a worse impression, so delivery delays are more likely to be written in comments, etc. The fact of the matter is, when people talk about Mr. Shiftor, this story always comes up, and it has become a personal greeting. For me, as long as the device itself is tracking well, that’s all that matters, so if it is being read by the manufacturer, I think it is better to contact them as soon as possible because delays are inevitably going to occur.

This article will summarize what you might need to do before purchasing the device, leaving aside the delivery date and delivery contact crap. The anticipation for the full ultra device is tremendous, and I fully understand the desire to get it set up as soon as possible, but first, you should do what you can do yourself.

1. Turn on official Twitter notifications
2. Organize the room
3. HaritraX Wireless: Bluetooth Child Unimotion” dry cell batteries, WiFi environment
4.Read Kohalog


4 is important besides; it is instructive to know the usage environment of the VIVE tracker users.
If you see a white sphere in VRchat, the problem is usually due to the coordinate system between the various software and SteamVR. The most common problem is that the white sphere is not in the software, but it is flying somewhere and is far away from the avatar,” many people post on Twitter.

If you restart the software of each manufacturer (HaritoraConfigurator, Uni-studio, etc.), it will often be calibrated and return to the vicinity of your avatar. Calm down and restart a few times.

5. Get into the official manuals and unofficial discord.
5 is very important. Be sure to check the threads, especially the troubleshooting and chatting threads!



FBT devices are constantly evolving. What this requires is updates to the software and hardware specific to each fulltra device. fulltra devices with the IMU method are frequently updated. Reasons for this include changes to SteamVR, VRchat, posture estimation software and usability spec improvements.
As an example, let’s take a look at Unimotion’s User’s Guide. The red text is the history of major updates,
You can see that it has been updated quite frequently.


Uni-Motion User Guide Update History

2023/08/21 Release of Uni-studio v.1.2.3. Added “Using Uni-studio with OSC Tracker” page. Other updates are also included in the guide.
2023/08/06 Changed some descriptions to reflect the release of Uni-motion Core. Created “Pairing Additional Uni-sensors” page.
2023/06/27 Release of Uni-studio v.1.2.1
2023/06/13 Release of Uni-studio v.1.2.0
07/06/2022 Release of Uni-motion Settings Manager v.1.2.3d
05/10/2022 Release of Uni-motion Settings Manager v.1.2.3b
2022/04/18 Release of Uni-studio v.1.1.2beta2
2022/04/06 Release of Uni-studio v.1.1.2beta1
2022/04/02 Release of Uni-studio v.1.1.1
2022/04/01 Release of Uni-studio v.1.1.0 and Uni-station Configuration Manager v.1.2.3
2022/03/11 Created “Pairing” page.
2022/01/19 Added “Using with VRChat” page, and added “Magnetic calibration during games” in Tips, etc.
2022/01/06 Unified the pages related to setup into “Setup Guide”. Created “Using Uni-Motion” page.
2021/12/27 Uni-studio v.1.0.12 is released.
2021/12/27 Uni-studio v.1.0.11 is released.
2021/12/26 The entire site is changed to coincide with the release of the product version.
2021/10/29 Uni-motion Settings Manager v.1.2.1d is released.
2021/10/25 Release of Uni-motion Configuration Manager v.1.2.1, Uni-station v.1.2.1, and Uni-sensor firmware v.1.11.
2021/10/01 Added/changed “Calibration” section on how to perform collective magnetic calibration.
2021/09/15 Added description of the mounting position in “Hardware Setup”, and changed some text in “Tips for long-time operation without calibration”.
2021/09/12 Added instructions for assembling the rubber holder in the “Hardware Setup” section.
2021/08/23 Released Uni-studio v.1.0.8. Details are available from Download.
2021/08/22 Released Uni-sensor firmware v.1.10.
2021/08/22 Changed the layout and wording of the calibration page.
2021/08/14 Added “Uni-sensor” page and modified the text of “To run without calibration for a long time” in the Tips section.

Taken from https://help.uni-motion.com/ja Uni-motion User’s Guide




ハリトラワイヤレスとユニモーション ツイート一覧


Unimotion official setup: https://help.uni-motion.com/ja/setup

The installation of the sensor holders and the belt setup in the following table was performed with a peek at the belt setup.

One thing to keep in mind here is the Bluetooth connection device required to pre-purchase the HaritraX Wireless.
The Bluetootho0th that comes with a regular PC may only allow five connections, so HaritraX Wireless requires the preparation of a Bluetooth child device that allows six connections in advance, costing from 1,200 yen. If this is not possible, it will not be possible to connect in the first place, and we expect to lose a long time here.

Verification result: Software update, installation, and tongle installation were easier and simpler with Unimotion.
The main reasons are that the driver update took 1 minute each for HaritraX Wireless and less than 30 seconds for Unimotion, and Unimotion’s driver update method was easier to understand and use.

HaritraX Wireless is a bit more complicated because it is not intuitively clear where and how to click in the browser, and the instructions for updating are on a page after the input page, so we had to repeatedly go back and forth to the back of the page to see the instructions for modification.

I found Unimotion to be easier and more convenient. The software update in particular was intuitive, easy to understand, and quick. However, we will continue to check out other aspects of the site, as we do not think many people will decide whether or not to purchase here.


I have two complaints here. The first is that the outer box was partially torn and dented.
Japanese people are very sensitive about this, so people who care about it do care. I don’t mind it.

There is one more thing. Please don’t send me a product with the name “VR equipment” written on the package.
The reason is that people who live in your parents’ house and other people can easily find out that you are using VR.
Is there a reason why precision equipment is not allowed?
If you don’t want your family to find out that you are using VR, we recommend that you change the method of receiving the device or remove HaritraX Wireless as an option.
I would recommend that you change your method of receiving the device or eliminate HaritraX Wireless as an option.

Note that HaritraX Wireless has a video with assembly instructions.



■4. Assembling the belt – Uni-motion

I made a video of Uni-Motion (purchased at the end of 2022) opening the package.
There will be differences due to the current development of multiple types.

✅Box opening. Accessories are in the back.
✅Wider than Halitra Wireless belts and stiffer at the ends.
✅Need to make a case for the body.
✅There are three types of belts. Two types that snap shut and two that don’t, not the hook type.
✅Yunimochan is cute!



■5.VRchatで遊べるまで ~ユニモーション編~

やり方どおりにやっただけです。https://help.uni-motion.com/ja/vr-fbt-mode と https://help.uni-motion.com/ja/vrchat です



■6. Accuracy on VRchat – Unimotion version

Next, here is the movement at 144 Hz in the highest mode in Unimotion.
I ran it at 144Hz in Unimotion.
Continue below.
✅8-point tracking of both knees, both legs, hips, and chest
✅Pretty easy to install
✅Inaccurate compared to VIVE tracker
✅If the white ball is too far away from the stumbling point avatar, restart Uni-studio
✅It is quite difficult to reproduce Hiro’s moves with the VIVE tracker.

Here is the move in a VIVE Tracker Base Station 2.0 x 2
Hiro’s move in the VIVE Tracker BS2.0 x 2 environment 11 points, so only look at both knees.
You can see that the smooth reproducibility has already surpassed Unimotion.

■7. Wearing time – Unimotion version

Installation time: 5 min. It still takes much longer than the VIVE Tracker + Eoz + garter belt configuration. It takes a lot of time to install each individual unit.

■8. Until you can play with VRchat – Haritra Wireless


It took roughly 10 minutes. For Haritora, it was just a matter of following the video and following the OK/NG steps listed in the HaritoraConfigurator. Haritora Wireless was easier.

■9.VRchat上での精度  ~ハリトラワイヤレス編~

I ran it with HaritraX Wireless. Continued below.
✅8 points on both knees, both legs, waist, and chest
✅Can be introduced quite easily Calibration is tedious
✅Restart HaritoraConfigrator if white ball is too far away from stumbling point avatar
✅Unimo is smoother and totally better. (Covered with a thin black screen for filming between tongle and tracker)


■Comparisons (tried under the same environment)

I tried with the tongle in the same location. There is a blackout curtain between the tongle and the PC, which may have affected the image, but it is not working properly.

If you don’t move much and want to use it for taking pictures, or if you want to use it all the time, or if you don’t want to bother about changing batteries, you should use HaritraX Wireless. If you want to move with precision, go for the Unimotion.
The software is easy to use and requires less input, but if it were me, I would choose Unimotion for its extremely smooth movements because I value accuracy more than anything else. However, neither of the two methods is designed to check for misalignment caused by prolonged motion or shielding such as blankets, so this needs to be verified and checked.

■Unobstructed try between Bluetooth child unit (tongle) and tracker

The movement of HaritraX Wireless was improved by eliminating the obstruction between the Bluetooth child and the tracker, so we recommend not putting it as far as possible. Here is the video after the improvement.



■HaritraX Wireless, VIVE Tracker 3.0 or Unimotion? Comparison in the same environment.

If it were accuracy alone, it would be the VIVE Tracker, but Unimotion is doing quite well.
HaritraX Wireless is a bit more difficult. However, this time, we are making the same location, same tongle position, same environment.

There is a theory that the reason for the poor movement of the HaritraX Wireless is, perhaps, that the thin skinned blackout curtain between the tongle and the tracker for shooting is blocking the movement. However, all the tongles are placed under the same conditions and at the same distance, so the environment itself is the same. I think it would be smoother if optimized.

I will try as soon as I get the dedicated tongle, but it seems to be a problem with the Bluetooth connection rather than an initial defect.

■HaritraX wireless is important to have no shielding between the Bluetooth child unit (tongle) and the tracker











I’m not sure how much of a hassle it is to install the software initially.
Unimotion is better because it is easier to set up software-related settings, and it performs better on VRchat, although you have to do a lot of work to create it. In contrast, HaritraX Wireless requires a lot of manuals to solve problems, and to be honest, Unimotion is easier to recommend at the initial introduction stage.

However, since we are still in the initial implementation stage, I can’t say for sure. If it is a step up to the initial installation, I would recommend Unimotion for now.
If you think about continuous use, the number of calibration, battery replacement, tobi, etc. will come into play, so if anything, the important question is how many troubles you have here.

Furthermore, Unimotion and HaritoraWireless have different types of radios. First, Unimotion

However, since we are still in the initial implementation stage, I can’t say for sure. If it is a step up to the initial installation, I would recommend Unimotion for now.
If you think about continuous use, the number of calibration, battery replacement, tobi, etc. will come into play, so if anything, the important question is how many troubles you have here.

Furthermore, Unimotion and HaritoraWireless have different types of radios. First, Unimotion

寸法 60 mm x 40 mm x 16 mm
動作電源 1.5 V 単3乾電池(AA,LR06)
動作時間 24時間以上​
センサ 9dof IMU/AHRS (加速度・角加速度・地磁気)
加速度計範囲 ± 16 g
ジャイロスコープ範囲 ± 2000 dps
磁力計範囲 ± 4900 uT
無線方式 2.4 GHz (IEEE 802.11,Wi-fi)
フレームレート 60fps、70fps、144fps
レイテンシ ~ 10 ms (70 Hz, 144 Hz) ~ 33 ms (60 Hz)

https://uni-motion.com/ 仕様より


無線通信方式 Bluetooth または専用通信ドングル(別売り)による独自通信

The wireless communication method is either Bluetooth or a proprietary communication dongle (sold separately), and there are differences in accuracy depending on the communication method, etc. If Wifi is not strong, there may be cases in which Bluetooth is stronger. Please note that I am using mesh WiFi, so it is possible that the results are more favorable to WiFi.

As you can see in this Base Station article, I have optimized my home environment for the Base Station. Please note that I have also built my own soundproof room for Furtura, and the Base Station environment is set to be the strongest in the comparison test under the same environment.



This is what the floor looks like. Please note that this has not been tried in a general environment. Note that the absorber is like a balance ball, so there is no metal.



For those who don’t use it on the go in a fixed VRchat room environment, seriously, the VIVE tracker is by far the easiest way to go, and if you can transition to the VIVE tracker, it’s less trouble and easier to install initially if you go that way. Charging is not a hassle either.


When I look at the users of IMU-based ultras, I always see them switching back and forth between HaritraX, Unimo, and mocopi, and in the end, they spend more money than the initial installation of the VIVE Tracker. I wish I could do better than VIVE tracker by spending both time and money….

If anything, this is for people who like to buy the IMU method of countermeasures and analysis. I can still understand the FBT with camera method, but the hassle of attaching the tracker and adjusting the software is the most time consuming part, so if you use the VIVE tracker, it will help shorten that part of the process.

So I will continue to use my VIVE tracker.

It’s fun to do tricks like removing the tracker like this. (This is the main reason)

Unimotion, Mocopi, and HaritraX Wireless are portable, so that’s the biggest advantage, but I’m a stay-at-home person, so I’m fine with the VIVE tracker. Unimotion is wifi to begin with, so that’s something to keep in mind as well.

■About mocopi on VRchat

I have installed mocopi, but the various calibration methods are not working very well. Please let me adjust it a little more. The FPS itself is working, but the calibration is not working well.

Currently, I would be happy if you could take a look at the Koharogu. I think it would be OK as long as you can see Koharogu, but on VRchat it really feels like Koharogu. I have the impression that using this for more than 15 minutes on VRchat is quite tedious and annoying, and it is really useless except for those who can tolerate a loss of time of about 1 minute every 15 minutes. 50,000 yen lost.


By the way, do you guys do the same moves as Hiro?

Well, I’m a VIVE tracker guy, but do you do moves like Hiro does in the first place? I don’t think so.
So, I think you can choose if you think IMU type Fultra is not a hassle, if you have a strong or weak Wifi environment, if it is easy to charge, etc.
If you just want it to be like taking a picture, I think mocopi is OK.

・・・・ Well, what I’m trying to say is.

Which one will eventually be available soon and when?
I don’t know, so I’ll just have to buy what I want to buy.

You should buy what you want to buy when you want to buy it. ・・・・
It’s just chaos for Hiro who demands only precision.

If it doesn’t move in such a strange way, I think you can choose what you want to buy.
I think you can choose what you want to buy.

I seriously think so.


What about indoors (hotel) when you are out and about? I haven’t been able to do it, so I’ll show you who has done it at the base station!

I’ve seen quite a few responses even after I posted this article, but I’ve been getting inquiries about how it works indoors (at a hotel) when I’m away from home. I am a stay-at-home person, so I haven’t done it yet. If you have done it, please contact me. Please let me post the link.

By the way, if you want to use it on the road, let me just tell you that there are people out there who bring their base stations to hotels on business trips. Here is what happened.

If it were me, I would either bring my own base station or give up and not bring it. The hotel is too small to begin with.
Personally, I would like to know how much play space is expected for those who bring their own equipment to the hotel.







■最近ではVive Ultimate トラッカーの登場で外出先でも使えるデバイスが増えています



VIVE Ultimate Tracker summary. How many points of full tracker can you do up to? Specifications, tweets and disadvantages at a glance! Summary.